Global Business Strategist

Singapore · Full-time

About The Position

Creadits has reinvented digital advertising.

The world's largest advertisers are already on our platform:

  • World's largest ride hailing apps
  • World's largest e-commerce marketplaces
  • World's largest gaming companies
  • World's leading apparel companies

A single global marketplace for advertising talent, using a unified currency - Creadits.

Creadits are used globally to acquire anything required to start advertising - graphic design, video shoots, writing, campaign management, training, even data.

The Creadits platform will provide a global view of talents and opportunities to get involved in projects.

A global talent pool can set values for creadits, trading transparently.

Global talent will no longer be trapped by borders or exchange rates. Creadits unlocks and unifies advertising, across any platform, and any geography.

More than facilitating transactions, the Creadits platform can make creative and strategic recommendations, improving and predicting campaign outcomes.


You will be responsible for strategic thinking and agenda on a global scale.


  • Leads the integrated insights and strategic planning teamin a way consistent with the company’s goal of bringing a strong analytical foundation to uncover fresh and innovative insights and business opportunities and inspiring creative ideas.
  • Actively supports new business where required.
  • Collaborates with senior clients and gives them deeper insights into the dynamics of their business through the development of disciplined and thorough sales, marketing and consumer research.
  • Influences innovation and is receptive to new ideas and willing to challenge the status quo by bringing ideas to fruition.
  • Understand and influences the engagement / contextual strategy. Leads the the “idea stretch” conversation.
  • Orchestrate all brand planning, strategic planning and analytical activities. Identify opportunities.
  • Has a good working knowledge of the market and provides a broad but poignant perspective on critical issues.
  • Generates new insights into the market, brand and consumer which add value and direction to the business.
  • Drives the effectiveness agenda.
  • A strong communicator of brand and consumer thinking; stimulating the debate for great ideas.


  • Around 7 years of experience in the industry, with an excellent understanding of media and advertising markets.
  • Strong analytical capabilities with proven leadership skills and abilities.
  • Deep understanding and knowledge of Asia and its cultural nuances is a plus. Knowledge and understanding of how to navigate and land campaigns in digital platforms will have a clear advantage in the selection process.
  • Direct experience of working with various markets. 

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