Strategy Officer 2019

Singapore · Intermediate

About The Position

Strategy Officer - Job Purpose

Plays a key role in the company to drive projects that are out of 'normal' workflow, creates a QDOS version, drives and analyses results. When successful, develop business plans to scale up these initiatives and add them to the mainstream workflow. 

Reports to the C-suite. Serves as sounding board and right hand for the C-suite. 

Supports the company's functions according to circumstances and needs.


  • Has a learning mind set - Keeps up with industry trends by reading literature and communicating with peers
  • Has a flexible attitude and is willing to perform varying duties depending on the shifting needs of the company and its staff members
  • Multi-tasking is a must
  • EQ is critical
  • Participates in project management, which involves duties on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis
  • Within project management, organises and gathers information from various departments and meetings and reports that information, along with recommendations, to executive members
  • Participates in strategic initiatives by leading them and reporting results
  • Within strategic initiatives, demonstrates flexibility because some initiatives may not fit neatly into one of the company's departments
  • Helps members of the executive support staff to perform their duties to the best of their ability
  • Carries out other duties as necessary, which may include simple administrative tasks such as filing and making phone calls
  • Organises a calendar and keeps track of multiple projects at the same time
  • Acts as a representative of the C-suite


  • 2 years business consulting background

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