Storyboard Artists

Kuala Lumpur

About The Position

Creadits has reinvented digital advertising. Join an exciting, fast-paced, cutting-edge, creative production SaaS (software-as-a-service) start-up with global offices.

This role is based in Bukit Jalil, KL.

You will be responsible for conceptualising and designing world class, digital creatives for global brand names.

  • The world's largest advertisers are already on our platform:World's largest e-commerce marketplaces
  • World's largest gaming companies
  • World's leading direct-to-consumer brands

A single global marketplace for advertising talent, using a unified currency - Creadits.

Creadits are used globally to acquire anything required to start advertising - graphic design, video shoots, writing, campaign management, training, even data.

The Creadits platform will provide a global view of talents and opportunities to get involved in projects.

A global talent pool can set values for creadits, trading transparently.

Global talent will no longer be trapped by borders or exchange rates. Creadits unlocks and unifies advertising, across any platform, and any geography.

More than facilitating transactions, the Creadits platform can make creative and strategic recommendations, improving and predicting campaign outcomes.

You will work closely with the Creadits team to create design impactful ideas and videos for our clients. You will manage the creative production process. You are responsible for owning & delivering to exceed user expectations.

We are looking for : Storyboard Artists with 3D knowledge.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Following the approved script and designs, the storyboard artist will draw out the scenes, panel by panel, to allow the Lead and Director to evaluate the visualised episode before the start of production.

  • Understand complex or ambiguous production instructions given to the artist in the initial meeting, illustrate the narrative and to plan shots and scenes for action visualisation
  • Study the script to understand the required mood and overall theme
  • To illustrate the narrative and to plan shots
  • Compose wireframe drawings from which the more detailed illustrations will be developed
  • To draw scenes for action visualisation and maintaining continuity between scenes
  • To consider camera angles and lighting to be used when drawing
  • To compile storyboard into fully-timed animatic
  • Edit storyboards and make changes as per the request of production team/ clients


  • Preferably with Art and Design/ advertising background
  • Minimum 3 years' experience in concept art, in the games industry-preferably with experience in working on highly realistic console game titles
  • Storyboarding: ability to understand complex or ambiguous production instructions given to the artist in the initial meeting, illustrate the narrative and to plan shots and scenes for action visualisation
  • Possesses a portfolio that exhibits competent creative and technical skills
  • A creative mind which can conjure new perspectives
  • A sympathetic approach to the time constraints of media production
  • Proficient with 3D softwares and Adobe Suite
  • Has a knowledge of 3D modelling, texturing and asset creation
  • Able to assist in preparing 3D models/ assets
  • Observation skills
  • Research skills
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Comfortable with iterative approach
  • Ability to provide and accept feedback and adapt to change

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