Sales Administrator - New York

New York

About The Position

Creadits has reinvented digital advertising.

The world's largest advertisers are already on our platform:

  • World's largest e-commerce marketplaces
  • World's largest gaming companies
  • World's leading direct-to-consumer brands

A single global marketplace for advertising talent, using a unified currency - Creadits.

Creadits are used globally to acquire anything required to start advertising - graphic design, video shoots, writing, campaign management, training, even data.

The Creadits platform will provide a global view of talents and opportunities to get involved in projects.

A global talent pool can set values for Creadits, trading transparently.

Global talent will no longer be trapped by borders or exchange rates. Creadits unlocks and unifies advertising, across any platform, and any geography.

More than facilitating transactions, the Creadits platform can make creative and strategic recommendations, improving and predicting campaign outcomes.


If you want to work in a fast-paced, highly rewarding environment where the best thrive, be exposed to a global opportunity base, experience real teamwork, then you now have a chance to try to make the team. 


Who We're Looking For: Sales Administrator

Job Description

  • Work with the Head of Sales to streamline process and drive sales momentum
  • Create reports and dashboards based on requirements
  • Deep dive into details with sales team to ensure veracity of reports and accuracy of dashboards
  • Provide support for all cross-functional Salesforce users to track, troubleshoot, and resolve Salesforce issues.
  • Manages all executive functions, such as maintenance of user accounts, records, dashboards, and additional conventional tasks
  • Work with internal customers to understand their needs, identify the problem and direct them to the proper solution or provide instructions for self-help.
  • Work with a cross-functional team of product managers, analysts, strategists, and developers to provide the most pertinent solutions to our business requirements


  • Graduates of the School of Hard Yards preferred.
  • Problem solver, excellent ability to troubleshoot and provide creative solutions
  • 2+ years administration experience & proven knowledge of Salesforce CRM platforms.
  • Possess proficiency in interacting with people at all levels of the company
  • Be capable of effectively analyzing data accumulated from multiple sources
  • Strong understanding of best practices and functionality 
  • Strong understanding of the platform, with the ability to build custom apps and objects, formula fields, Process builders, Workflows, Flows, Validation rules, and other content of intermediate complexity
  • Experience designing and configuring in a collaborative and agile environment.
  • Self-motivated and highly organized
  • Fast learner
  • Analytical mindset
  • Ability to multi-task and deliver on time
  • Strong ability to collaborate cross-functionally in a fast-paced, fast-growing, global environment.

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